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Help these students make a difference:

Check out how these college students are volunteering
to give back to their communities

As part of the 2012 Greeks Give Back National Student Competition, Hellenic American student teams from 18 colleges and universities across the country have organized teams to develop innovative service projects they will undertake themselves during the 2012-13 academic year. Please use the links below to see how these amazing young men and women from the next generation are proposing to give back to their communities. As the school year gets underway, they will be posting more information about their projects and how you can help a team undertake its project — and help them give back!
Boston College
Chicago Combined Team (University of Chicago, DePaul University, Loyola University Chicago, University of Illinois-Chicago, and Northwestern University)
Columbia University
Drexel University
Duke University
Georgetown University
Harvard University
University of Illinois-Chicago
New York University
Northeastern University
Northwestern University
Princeton University
Rutgers University
Stanford University
University of Virginia Team 1
University of Virginia Team 2

How you can help

This is what you can do to help:
1. DONATE: Use this website to make a donation here, or use the links above to donate on the page of your favorite team.
2. SHARE: Use the buttons on the right to help spread the word about the Challenge on Facebook and Twitter.
3. CREATE A FUNDRAISING PAGE: Go to a team page to start your own personal page in support of one of our teams, or use the button on the right to start your own page in support of the Challenge and the Competition itself.

Show your support

Show your support for all the student teams — and join the Challenge by making a donation to match the Hellenic American groups and individual supporters from around the country who have already pledged to help these students give back — by leaving a message of support for all of them when you make a donation to the Greeks Give Back Challenge program by clicking on the big blue “Make a Donation” button next to the video at the top of this page. 100% of your donation is tax-deductible, and goes to directly supporting the National Competition. You can also become a supporter of a particular team by making a secure, direct online donation to their project through their team’s GreeksGiveBack.org page, using the links above.

Spread the word

You can help them bring their projects to reality by using the links above to go to their team’s GreeksGiveBack.org page, and help them spread the word about their project though Facebook and Twitter. Churches, community organizations, local businesses, and anyone who lives or works nearby — or are alumni of one of these schools — will want to know about these projects. Let everyone know how proud you are of these students and their efforts to give back. Use the buttons at the top of the sidebar on the right to share this page on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and family.

Stand up and be counted

Taking part in the Challenge is as simple as creating a fundraising page of your own in support of the Challenge, just by clicking on the button to the right of this column (it takes 2 minutes) — and then getting the message out to your friends, family and fellow members of community organizations, with your own personalized URL. You can even use your personal page to create and publicize your own event in support of the Challenge, and join in the spirit of the Competition. Chances are that you know someone who will want to encourage young people to do the right thing, and show their support for these outstanding young Hellenic Americans who are working together to give back to their communities. It’s an easy way to let others know how proud you are of their efforts — and help these students show the world how Greeks give back.

On behalf of all the students taking part in the Greeks Give Back Challenge, thank you for your support!

The Greeks Give Back Challenge

Like the members of a great extended family, we're proud of our next generation students and how they are continuing our heritage’s tradition of community leadership and giving back. Inspired by the many ways our students are already involved in volunteer efforts and community service, the Next Generation Initiative launched the 2012 Greeks Give Back National Student Competition, to recognize and encourage young Hellenic Americans who develop innovative service projects they lead and undertake themselves.

As part of the Competition, student groups on college campuses across the country organized teams in the spring of 2012, worked with faculty advisors, and began developing proposals for innovative projects that emphasize community service and outreach, require teamwork, reflect their heritage — and make a positive difference in the lives of others. Student teams entering proposals meeting the Competition’s criteria were connected with mentors and other resources from their local communities, to help them refine their proposals, review their budgets, and identify community partners.

Behind the Greeks Give Back Challenge is the Next Generation Initiative’s determination to empower students with the skills, resources and experience they need to take the lead in their communities. As part of this effort, the Initiative is offering GreeksGiveBack.org as a resource for the student teams who have answered our Challenge, and demonstrated their capacity to give back, by developing innovative student-led projects that will serve others in measurable ways, working together with local partners to make the biggest positive impact while making the best use of available resources. The Greeks Give Back Challenge and the Next Generation Initiative’s 2012 National Student Competition is an outcome of the Got Greek? Project’s Next Generation National Student Research Study, and is made possible by a generous grant from the Zapis Charitable Foundation, along with additional support from the Maliotis Charitable Foundation and the Gerondelis Foundation.

Criteria for Student Team Pages on GreeksGiveBack.org

GreeksGiveBack.org was created to provide aid and support for those student teams whose final project proposals have been submitted into the 2012 National Student Competition and meet all the requirements and selection criteria of the National Competition. Only those teams whose final proposals have been submitted and meet all the Competition’s requirements and selection criteria may use GreeksGiveBack.org to recruit supporters for their projects. Funds raised through a student team’s page on GreeksGiveBack.org will be released only for the purposes of undertaking the project as proposed and accepted into the 2012 National Student Competition. Funds raised through a student team’s GreeksGiveBack.org page may not be used for other purposes. Funds raised through a student team’s GreeksGiveBack.org page will be held in reserve and will not be released until the team’s community service project is undertaken by the team as proposed, under the supervision of a faculty advisor and advised by mentors, during the course of the 2012-2013 academic year. Any funds raised through a student team’s GreeksGiveBack.org page for a student team project that is not undertaken, will be held in reserve and used for next year’s student competition. The Next Generation Initiative reserves the right to remove without notice a student team’s page from GreeksGiveBack.org if the team’s project does not follow the Competition guidelines, engages in inappropriate activities or otherwise violates the spirit of the Competition. Donations made through a student team’s page on GreeksGiveBack.org are processed using a secure online system with 256-bit SSL and PCI compliance, through an account established by the Next Generation Initiative as a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation using the CauseVox system. No portion of the funds raised through a student team’s GreeksGiveBack.org page goes to the Next Generation Initiative.

The Next Generation Initiative

The Greeks Give Back Challenge and the Next Generation National Student Competition is a project of the Next Generation Initiative, an independent 501(c( (3) non-profit educational foundation. The Next Generation Initiative helps next generation students gain the experience and skills their careers will demand through internships, fellowships, Master Classes and other opportunities that introduce students to leaders and mentors in a wide range of fields and professions, and strengthen their capacity to excel, innovate, collaborate, and serve as effective leaders in their communities.
For more information about the Next Generation Initiative and its programs for students, please go to www.hellenext.org.

Thank you.

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